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Post by SDSena on Mon Apr 26, 2010 12:17 pm

Like every other site, we need rules. Why do we need rules? So that the peacefulness of our happy community is not disrupted. Follow these rules, and we'll be happy to let you stay here.

1. Keep it clean.
Some of the mods may be more lenient then others, but to be on the safe side, keep vulgar language at a minimum.

2. Advertising.
Some sites will be allowed, such as GamerzPlanet and atlava. Others, such as Lockerz may not be. The best thing to do here is contact a staff member and see what they will allow.

3. Post in the right section.
The rule is self explanatory and universally known. We do not want posts in the wrong section. example: A post about failblog in the rumble fighter section will be removed.

4. Dont make useless posts.
Another self explanatory rule. example: A thread/post made in the rumble fighter section saying "lol i just noob tackled someone off of third rock" will be removed. (Does not apply for spam thread)

More rules will be added later. o.o These are just the basics.

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