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h4y Th4r Hao iz juu?

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h4y Th4r Hao iz juu?

Post by 3p1cH4X0r on Sat May 08, 2010 12:36 pm

Hello Everyone.

Well I have been watching this forum from afar and decided it was time for me to make my dayview.

So here I am~


Anyway down to the sryus business;

My name is 3p1cH4Xx/3p1cH4X0R.

No, it is not Epich.
Just~ Epic.

I am an Intermediate/Professional Hacker, Instantanious Directory to anything that is needed becuz' thats hao pro I am.

Ya katch mai drift?


Nice to be here, and I hope to be a very known member in sdsena pro forums.

3p1c Out.

~3p1kk Twisted Evil

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